Lucy Goosey and Her Pa

Lucy spent a little time with her grandparents yesterday. For Lucy, hanging out with my dad is an interesting experience....they look more alike than any other pair in the there's a mysterious, cosmic "mini-me" dynamic at play that we can only peer into and try to understand.

Lucy, at first relaxed in the arms of her grand-protector, looked alarmed when she spotted the Paparazzi in the bushes outside the window.

"You'll stay over there Mr. Paparazzi man....if you know what's good for you....or my Pa will break out his AK-47 assualt rifle...and make a mess of you..."

"You're saying I can't shove this entire sheet into my mouth?"

"Soooooo....everyone is just going to relax while this giant, prehistoric insect crawls within striking distance of me? People!!??!!! Little tiny baby over here....a little help? No? Nothing? We're letting little tiny babies play with insects now? That's the new thing? That's what all the 'adults' are doing these days? That's great....I'll just be over here.....terrified....and trembling...enjoy your yourselves."

"Be gone vile insect! Had I the hand-eye-coorindational fortitide....I would cast you, foul thing, into a lake of fire!"

"So you're saying I am going to look like this when I'm 60? And I am supposed to be pleased with this? I offense to Pa...but when I was marinating in the mommy's belly, thinking about all of the things I would accomplish....looking like a 60 year old man was not high on my list...but he is quite striking...and he looks like the daddy...and the daddy is, of course, the most handsome, wise, funny, charming, brave, courteous, well-loved and respected man in the guess it's cool."


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