Ground Control to Lucy Jane

I am happy to report that at 8:46 A.M. on this 14th day of January, Lucy Jane Sanborn made her early and decidedly swift entrance into the world via the nearest portal available at Roosevelt hospital on Manhattan's upper west side.

Her gametime stats were as follows:

Height: 19 inches (22 inches with the afro)
Weight: 5lbs, 13 ounces
Complexion: Pink
Disposition: Sleepy

Lucy Jane was not due to join us until Feb 14th but it looks as though she is physically and mentally prepared to take command of the life train. Mom and baby are doing great.

The delivery was a bit of a rush job.....we arrived to the hospital at around 8:00 a.m. and 46 minutes or so later I had a baby in my hands.

The whole transaction basically went down like this:

Doctor: " I'm Dr....."
Amie: "Can I have an epidural please?"
Doctor: "Sure...let me just.....oh boy...." (Sees Amie's complexion change and knows the volcano that's about to explode)
Amie: (Very....loud....angry....visceral....screaming....)
Chris: "Dear.....sweet...Jesus...."
Amie: (More loud....angry....visceral....screaming....)
Doctor: "PUSH!!!!"
Lucy: "Waaaaaaahhh"

I have to confess that this time around I got a little queezy in the delivery room. I did not loose consciousness...but for a minute there I felt like I was in the back seat of an F-16 fighter jet with Tom Cruise in the front seat saying something about a "flat spin".....there was some tunnel vision, some bright lights, a heat flash...and an overwhelming need to lie down for a tick.....which I did and felt better right away.

I attribute this abnormal reaction to the following factors:
1) The pace of the delivery was nutty....we almost had to deliver Lucy in the was crazytown...and I was not the mayor...but I was definitely at least the comptroller...

2) Whereas with Ginger's delivery I was relegated to holding Amie's hand and watching the scene unfold....this time I was thrust onto the first line....playing right wing holding one of Amie's legs back while the doctor reached into her....soul.....and pulled Lucy into the frosty, crazy world. There were about 1,000 ladies giving birth at the moment we arrived at the hospital so apparently a guy with two arms and the ability to (mostly) stand was good enough as a fill-in for this role.

3) It was really hot in the room and (for some reason) I got distracted and forgot to take off my sweater and my thermal vest.

Anyway - I held strong for the delivery but once the little lady had made her appearance and found a home in the baby warmer....I asked the coach if I could take a breather. They gave me the "this happens to a lot of guys" routine which, of course, just made me feel like even more of a weenie....which I have concluded is accurate.

Alas....we all have our breaking points...and apparently mine is located at the business end of a natural birth in which I am playing a starring role. The experience did, however, reinforce my already considerable respect for what you ladies endure on this front.....I mean....I was ready to cash in my consiousness chips just looking at the guys have to live it. So thanks for jumping on the grenade for us're win.

Anyway - we are now enjoying a very nice room at the hospital...courtesy of my Dad...he works at this hospital....and that CME summer course he took in "How to Bend The System To Your Will" at the Rod Blagojevich School for Administrative Manipulation really came in handy when securing our accommodations here.

Some other shots worth noting....

This is Amie in the three minutes we had in the waiting room on the delivery
floor before the main event got started.

This is Amie after the deal was sealed.....holding baby Lucy (in case that's not obvious)

Here baby Lucy learns the first and most important lesson in life: "You can pick your friends....but you can't pick your relatives."

Amie's mom holding the star.

Not sure if you can read the small says "President Elect Lucy Sanborn"

Grandpa doing the grandpa endzone dance.

If you look carefully, you'll see that Lucy is giving the "OK" symbol with
her right hand....gifted.

Three generations....two big passed out Sanborn.

That's all I got for now...we're going to perform a collective Sanborn pass out tonight (with the regularly scheduled wakeups every three hours of course)...but I'm sure we'll have more fun to share in the near future.

We'll try not to make any more people in between now and then....


Anonymous said…
Welcome, Lucy Jane, and congrats to the proud parents!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Chris, Amie and families. Welcome Lucy Jane! :) -David & Veni
Anonymous said…
Congratulation to both Amy and Chris! Though we should get to 'date pool' wining being an inside job at some point in the future...

But right now, let us welcome Lucy Jane!
Anonymous said…
Sanborn, Duffy- Congrats! Another beautiful baby to be Ginger's little sis. It's been too long. I hope to see you guys and your beautiful family, one day soon. Congrats. XO Fowler
Linda said…
Love it! Chris, your wife is a warrior. Congratulations to the entire Sanborn family. I think Lucy picked a good family.
Judith Jones said…
HILARIOUS! I mean WOW! You guys all rock! And of course Lucy is gifted - she's a Sanborn, right?

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