The Gene Pool Party

More shots from the weekend pool party out in the People's Republic of Strong Island...

Oddly soon as Owen reached the end of the diving board....the cops showed up, guns drawn, and busted the pool party...he surrendered immediately.

Ginger hates the water. Hates it.

After wrestling the beast into submission....the daddy carried his catch to the shoreline...where excessive tickles were administered.

Sitting atop the shoulder of her father...Ginger felt the kind of safety and warmth only a father can give...

Until, that is, the father launches his daughter into the sky for no apparent reason...(note the impeccable form however....I see gold medals....just sayin...)

Ginger (left) is looking into the lens....and Lucy (right) is apparently looking beyond the lens into a netherworld where evil spirits feed on the souls of little girls...or so it seems from her quietly terrified expression.

Does anyone else see evil here? I see love...I see childlike wonder....and I also see "as-soon-as-you-turn-your-head-I-am-going-to-do-something-I-know-I-am-not-supposed-to-so-there"...but I could just be seeing things...

Cousin Austin hacking his way through the challenge of capturing the day's events while NOT breaking mommy's expensive digital camera. He performed admirably.

They always said that boy was as American as apple pie. Dylan, clearly, needed to illustrate the point as literally as he could...

Ginger learning (the hard way) that some (most) toys are weapons...especially when in the hands of ninja toddlers who know how to wield them. Here Dick looks on amiably as one of his grandchildren loses a finger to another.


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