The Dimple Express

I don't know anyone in the family who has dimples....which is why it's odd that Lucy has one.

And it's also odd that she has one (and not two).....but there IS a history in the family of missing one anatomical item in a pair. I have only one kidney (born that opposed to the reason being "Nam" or "Being-a-good-person-and-donating-one").

And Amie has only one nose....which is why when children pass her on the street they cry out to their mommies, "dear god...what is that thing?" But she's grown to live with have we all.


Amie said…
Thought I should let you know that I - your wife and companion for the past 12 years - have a dimple. One. Dimple. Just like my daughter, Lucy. Observant much? Silly husband.

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