Jedi Mind Tricks

Ginger doesn't totally grasp the concept of the handheld video camera. She knows that you can watch the videos in the same window where you see the viewfinder when shooting them so filming her becomes a problem because she always want to see the other side of the camera (which means I can't shoot her).....niner....if that makes sense.

Anyway - this video showcases that....but also Ginger's Jedi Mind Trick capabilities. Here's how it works....she'll say something vaguely comprehensible about what she wants....then you repeat it because you want to see if what you heard is actually what she you end up posing it as a question. Then she says "Okay!" it was your idea and she's just going along with it.

For example:

Ginger: I want to see the pictures.

Daddy: You want to see the pictures?

Ginger: OK!!!

Lately she's been following up her "OK!" with "Yeah!" ...she does this to drive home the fact that it was, in fact, your suggestion and that you have, in fact, become victim to her Ginger-Wan Kenobi brain games.

It's especially useful to her in scenarios like:

Ginger: I want ice cream.

Daddy: You want ice cream even though it's 7:30 in the morning?

Ginger: OK!!.....Yeah!!

So there's that...

But alas - onto the video which also showcases my lovely wife and her ability to lead the family in ridiculousness...which is no easy task given this group...


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