2019 Sea Cliff Feast by Shore Recap

Every spring, Sea Cliff marks the emergence of sunshine and warmth by hosting a "Feast by the Shore" down by the water. It is basically an old school town fair type deal complete with: 
  • Rides that are designed to make your kids physically sick while making their parents emotionally unwell at the prospect of which NASA-trained engineering department is responsible for servicing the machines that bring them to the edge of a human's g-force endurance capacity. 
  • Games of "skill" that all cost $5 a pop designed to drive grown adults to the brink of financial collapse in service of walking away with a stuffed animal manufactured in Micronesia for a wholesale cost of 2 tenths of a penny. 
  • Food that will drive a hole into your abdomen in the most delicious way possible. 
And yet...it is a wonderful occasion that we look forward to eagerly every year. And by "we" I mean "Ginger, Lucy, and Will." 


Amie and Will on the ferris wheel talking about what it's like to be blonde in America in 2019...no doubt. 

Ginger and her friend Olivia on the ferris wheel scoping out the next place they can most effectively make themselves dizzy and nauseous. 

Ginger reminding everyone that she is her mother's daughter. 

And driving it home in case there was any hint of confusion on the matter. 

Ginger, Ariella, and Olivia (Arie...I have photoshop and I know how to use it on those rabbit ears!)

Will waving to his adoring fans from the Pope-mobile (or was it a school bus? Either way....)  

Luca, Lucy, and Will. 

This is Will's "no really guys....wtf are we doing here..." face. 

And this is Will's "just kidding that was awesome, I'm awesome, and everything is awesome" face. 

Lucy and her pals taking flight in an attempt to finally drive Amie's safety-first parenting style into the ground. 

A safe landing...and smiles all around. 


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