DJ Ginger

When she visits with my parents, Ginger gets to play with the same Casio digital keyboard that I played badly when I was a young man. The keyboard kicks off some truly authentic 1980's synthetic beats...the kind that can take you back to a Duran-Duran-tastic era and into the grip of a bone crushing migraine (when in the hands of a professional).

The other day Ginger was playing with it and she looked so much like a DJ at a nightclub that I had to get it on video. You know how DJ's are constantly playing with the sliders on their boards when they spin? I swear that Ginger must have seen that move before because she was replicating it almost to a tee.

Check out the below video - post-produced by my dad which will give you a sense of where I developed my keen sense of multimedia prowess as it relates to family propaganda....


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