Ginger Turns 1...Twice

Ginger managed to turn 1 twice this year. One birthday...two birthday in New on the Isle of Strong....both rockin.

Some highlights...

Though she had never seen them before - the very sight of these so called "presents" engulfed Ginger's senses....she later went on to say that she could taste the victory ahead as if it were so much apple sauce on her lips.

Having successfully diverted the attention of the "grandmothers" - Ginger moved forward with her plan to unwrap her presents away from the harsh, penetrating light of the grandparental gaze.

Ginger yet again proved the timeless theory that for people under the age of 2...the value of what wraps the present is exponentially greater than the value of the gift itself...regardless of what it may be. LESSON: skip the fancy kiddie toy stores and wrap up your favorite household item you could live without seeing for the rest of your will be happier for it.

We were not sure exactly what this thing was....nor what purpose it served....but we were confident that Ginger would like it...for reasons we can't fully explain.

When Ginger first sat down to the table - she seemed a little weary of all the grown-up food and drink. She actually leaned over and said, "Yo's birthday big about a little cup cake action?...maybe some candles? This your first day on the job or something? Chop chop!"

Her warning thus heeded....a tray of cupcakes was presented and Ginger indicated that this was a good turn of events. These pictures show her first cupcake experience here on earth...

If you are interested in seeing proof that Ginger inherited her mother's preforming genes:


Anonymous said…
The shot of Ginger's first glimpse of the cupcakes and "1" candle is beyond unbelievable. I'd die for that feeling.

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