Ginger is Taking Care of Us Now...

Amie at first protested Ginger's usurpation of the cooking duties within the household but soon became comfortable with the notion of having a two year old operate the oven, chop carrots and as seen here.....washing the dishes. I knew we had kids for a reason (slavery).

Meanwhile....Lucy had a "less fun" day yesterday....she endured a triple shot (needles...not limes and salt) at her checkup. We noticed a nanny who was in the waiting room taking a 3 or 4 year old to get her checkup and the kid was clearly nervous. The nanny assured her, "There's nothing to be afraid of....the doctor is a nice man who is not going to hurt you." Amie I agreed this is not the best strategy as far as we can tell. Had she the ability to understand me, I would have looked Lucy right in the eye before the visit and said, "this is going to suck....a lot.....but it's for your own bear down and take one for the team." When we saw that little girl leaving the office holding her arm and crying...I could not help but wonder if she was more pissed at the pain in her arm or the nanny who lied to her. Probably the pain in the arm....but still...we all deserve to know what someone is about to kick our ass. Don't we?


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