Memorial Day Drinks

On Friday afternoon we took both set of "kids" - the office kids and the biological kids - out for some drinks at our favorite beer garden. There was much revelry and good times.

As Sanborns are sometimes known to do...Lucy treated the afternoon as more of a "sprint" than a "marathon" and thus burned out her reserves....passing out early in the arms upper management.

As Lucy recharged her battery, Amie and Ginger went about the business of abiding by rule # 12 for successful heavy extended drinking....which of course is "eat food." Animal crackers - as it turned out - work just as well as pizza.

We were also able to shoot some video of the we demonstrate Lucy's aforementioned reverence to the party foul gods...

Ginger tried her first frosty brew...

And Marshall took care of the baby...

It should be noted that when Marshall had the baby in his hands...a throng of young, attractive ladies formed around him immediately as if someone called a "hot girl huddle" on the 50 yard line of the bar. I noticed that when I was holding the such spontaneous unnatural event occurred. Jake informed me that when I hold the baby - I look like a "dad" holding his kid. When Marshall holds the baby - he looks like a dude who is ill-equipped to care for a child - but who is trying his best. Apparently there is some chemical reaction that takes place within young, attractive women upon seeing these two seemingly unrelated human elements together that triggers an intense physical reaction. If nothing else - it certainly warrants more investigation...but in the meantime I have informed all of the young men in my office that Lucy is happy to be serve as their "hot girl bate" for a fee to be paid to the Lucy Sanborn College Fund.


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