The Excorcism of Lucy Jane

The other day my dad was babysitting Lucy and Ginger when Lucy was suddenly overrun by the spirit of "the dark one." It's not often a 3-month old girl is possessed by an evil spirit so my mom was quick to pull out the iphone camera to capture all of the fun....

At first all seemed well.....Lucy playing on the mat...vacillating (as she is known to do) between catatonic indifference and playful incoherence.

Then suddenly an odd look came to her though she either needed to move something out of her colon or something had moved into her soul.

Then the first signs of evil and mischief appeared...

Finally the transformation was complete and Lucifer was broadcasting live through the body of Lucy're gonna look at that face and tell me there's no evil there? Come on!

N0 longer able to wait for the priest to arrive, my Dad took matters into his own hands and began chanting anti-satanic verses at the child...seeking to lure her back to salvation.

Meanwhile Ginger - still not totally convinced this "Lucy" person had a permanent place in the home and as a result not entirely upset by her baby sister's descent into the far reaches of hell - pulled up a chair, grabbed a drink and invited a friend to watch as the tragic scene unfolded.


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