6lbs of Fun

Lucy defied all medical precedence today by achieving the much coveted "6 pounds" milestone in her evolution has a human being. For babies that are born early....gaining weight is the name of the game and Lucy's steady diet of bon bons, devil dogs and ho ho's has finally paid off.

After learning from her doctor about the good news, Lucy was at first a little on the fence saying, "Does this mean I have to stop sleeping 18 hours a day and watch what I eat? Because....I tell you what...ain't gonna happen...'doctor'...if that's your real name...."

She explain further, "Look man.....I mean....I stayed in the mommy lady's belly for like.....a loooong time.....almost nine months and there's not exactly a Chipotle on every corner down there, you know? What's that? You don't remember? Well I do doc....it was a like a week ago to me...lit-er-a-lly...and it's a pretty tough game. Baby Lucy needs to get her McDonalds on....and that's what Baby Lucy is going to do."

We're not sure when Lucy began referring to herself in the third person but I did catch her watching an ESPN interview with Terrell Owens the other day so that could explain it.

Anyway - speaking of interviews - here is Lucy's multimedia debut:


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