Let it Snow

Only a real woman can wear a hot pink and white hat with poms poms on it and pull it off.

"Look Mr. Snowman....if that's your real name...I don't know what the story is but I heard all about this carrot nose and a corncob pipe and everything and I have to say.....I'm just not seeing it. You should talk to whoever wrote that song about you because frankly...he painted a picture that is somewhat incongruous to your reality..just sayin'."

We borrowed this sled from Dick to tour the neighborhood.....and he apparently borrowed it from the Saturday Evening Post.

For those who missed it...it snowed....a lot.

Amie and I decided that after some drinks...taking the sled we bought for Ginger and launching ourselves off the front stairs would be a solid idea. I learned that I am no longer 9 years old. Or 25 years old...for that matter.


Jacqueline said…
Glad to see you guys still got it... whatever "it" is...

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