Daddies in the Mist

Like a national geographic photographer....Amie waited in the Sanborn jungle for some time before "it happened." But when it did happen...she did not hesitate and she "got the shot."

Let's begin...

Here (above) we see the daddy beginning the "evening wind-down" process with the alpha-female of the brood. The daddy is employing a popular means of wind-downage...the storytime routine. Due attention is paid by the alpha-female.

Next we see the viral effects of the storytime routine as the beta-female is drawn into the episode. The alpha-female has temporarily vacated the story-time location (as the alpha-female is prone to do when the beta-female enters her airspace.)

Here, the daddy appears to be achieving success in a dramatic two-for-one wind-downage routine. With both the alpha-female and the beta-female drawn into his engaging, yet soothing narrative delivered with just the right cadence and tonality...the daddy appears to be delivering a level of hyper-productivity not generally associated with the daddy species.

Success, however, proves the alpha- and beta-females discover the daddy is actually not as entertaining as the monkey in the corner of the room.

A forceful egress is executed by the alpha- and beta-females, thus leaving the daddy reading storytime to himself. The daddy species...brave, hard-working, strong...yet not always effective.


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