Scotch and Soda

We're out on Long Island this weekend in the house of Grammy and Pop. As is our nature...tomfoolery follows the Sanborn clan wherever they roam....

First Lucy decided she'd "wated long enough" to mature into someone capable of having a drink with dinner....we caught her here with a Scotch and soda pontificating on the global economic slowdown...

" 401K is in the toilet. Bartender?! or Daddy? Whoever you are...set me up with another Lucy's blowing off some steam here and this glass ain't gonna fill itself chief."

This insolent behavior was clearly not something we could put up with so I had to cut her off...

"Scotch on the rocks!!! My friend! Don't gooooooooo!"

With dinner and cocktails behind us - it was now time for Lucy to have a bath...

"Hey Daddy....try getting a little closer and I'll introduce Mr. Fist to Mr. Nikon."

"Ahhhhh...sweet salvation....thy name is Terrycloth...."

Lucy takes after her father in expressing unadulterated joy for this time "alone" in the water. She differs from her father in that no bath experience is complete without a nice tidy bathtime poop. We explained to Lucy that pooping in the tub does not so much comply with the hegomonic rules society has laid out for us...she was quite embarrassed upon hearing this and assured us that all future bathtimes would be poopless.

Meanwhile, Ginger and daddy and were busy in the dining room playing with Grammy's post-modern iron Christmas tree.....and judging from Ginger's expression below....we were either very tired...or we smoked some of Grammy's post-modern marijuana.

Soon it was time for the rare but necessary "double-diaper-change." Grammy caught this phenomenon on camera below.

With both ladies now clean and ready for their close-up - we decided that a sister to sister photo opportunity was in order.

Lucy (trembling with fear): ""

Ginger: "I'm like.....sooooooooooooo......messed up man....."
Lucy: "Uh mommy?....Can I have some of what you've been giving to Ginger?"

Lucy: "I see dead people."

Lucy: "Uhhh...can someone pull my shirt up? Is this a Girls Gone Wild shoot or what?"

Ginger: "You mess with my mess with me."


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