Nancy Pelosi

Dinnertime around my house is pretty crazy these days. It's like an Italian opera every night....there is an excess of crying, yelling, eating, drinking, laughing (did I mention crying?...mostly by me and Amie?) from the peanut gallery that is Sanborn Media Family these days.

Amie and I are also learning the fine art of "teaching your kids how to say whatever it is you want them to say." It's sort of like (check's exactly like) brainwashing a human being to recite only the words and phrases you want to hear.

Drunk with power, I have (of course) begun my lifelong assault on Ginger's political influences by getting her to correctly identify two key figures on the main stage:

Obama is an obvious choice. Although I did notice that when Ginger saw a picture of Obama on my mom's t-shirt the other day she said "Daddy." I tried to explain that while the president and I are both boyishly handsome, devishly charming and obscenely powerful men of honor, wit and courage...that we are, in fact, two different people.

Either that or I need to make sure our new mailman is not a dead ringer for our new president.

I chose Nancy Pelosi for a few reasons:

1) She's a woman who broke new ground in politics and I am keenly interested in getting a Sanborn lady (or two) into the white house by 2050.

2) Her name sounds funny to me when I say it...and REALLY funny when I hear Ginger say it.

3) It's kind of ridiculous for a 1 year-old to know the name of the Speaker of the House of light of the fact that she does not know the name of, say, the city she lives in and other very basic knowledge that should come way before members of congress.

As for the other Sanborn girl, Lucy likes to play games with Daddy. Games that include raising her hand in class when she knows the answer....only to fake Daddy out over and's quite frustrating....

Anyway - I have lots of other photos and video and thoughts to post and not much waking time on my hands these days but I'll write again soon with more trials and tribulations from camp Sanborn . Till then....


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