Mr. and Mrs. George Best

Yesterday we introduced Ginger to her first legitimate suitor - Mr. George Best who lives down the street from us and is the son of our good friends Bridgette and Charles Best - and we're pleased to announce that they have decided to marry. All parties agreed that a couple named George and Ginger Best is about as good as it gets - so they at least have that going for them.

Below is a photographic journey through their first encounter.

In this first one - George is kicking his best rap (oh yes - pun intended) and Ginger is rocking her patented narcoleptic routine.

In this one, we can see the vast 2 month age divide that exists between these star-crossed lovers - what with George nearly doubling her length. We of the Sanborn brand are not a powerfully large brood - but we regain in charm what we lose in girth.

George is like "Is this chick serious?....I came all the way over here...I'm like already way cooler and older than she is and she's dozing while I am mid-rap? WTF lady?"

When Ginger finally arose - she was at first nonplussed at the site of this massive person next to her...

George - in his cool demeanor - signaled to Ginger to "be cool baby....I got it under control....look at my little puppy PJ's...would I rock these if I was out to do you harm?"

Ginger capitulated and exclaimed, "Alright big have a point there...those are some silly puppy jammies you have on...I guess we can hang out...." This pleased George tremendously.

At some point I questioned how Christian it was of me to take pictures of my daughter with another man in their underwear on a faux bear skin rug on my living room floor...but then I remembered...I'm not very Christian...

After an extended discussion on a range of topics (what it really means to be zero and single in Manhattan...boobs...poops..pee pees...the Fed's quarter-point rate cut....etc.) Ginger and George bid their goodbyes and set a time to talk about the guest list for their wedding. Very exciting.


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