Ginger Legs

There is a strange thing that happens to Ginger every now and then when she gets up on her changing table. How shall I describe this.....she becomes possessed with some kind of nefarious baby crazy leg demon spirit and she sort of spazzes out in a totally hilarious way.

Amie was able to document it the other day in hopes of giving the priest who will ex-cooooor-cize her demons a bit of a head start. We'll see what he can do.

If it's not demons it's either:

a) She's trying to run away - and who could blame her really...if we were your parents you'd be like "Uhhh - yeah....can I maybe get some people with some experience here? Is that too much to ask? Forget it...I'm out of here." So yeah - she might be trying to escape and just not realizing she lacks the coordination to get off of the changing table, much less hail a cab to Social Services.

b) She's drunk - Amie claims that there's no way her breasts could suddenly be pumping out pints of Guinness but I figure anything's possible. Half of Ginger's waking time is spent in what looks to me like a carbon copy of my college years (outside of the library of course) I'm not ruling anything out.

But alas - you be the judge:


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