Coming in HOT!!

We’re nearly there…the admiral’s table for three at Roosevelt Hospital is booked for November 28th and Amie and I are pretty much ready for her arrival. I have been referring to these last 4 weeks as the “snap count” – a term that has two meanings which I know of:

The football reference – as in “hut 1…hut 2…hut 3…” called out by the quarterback to signal the start of an offensive play.

The military reference – the “snap count” was affectionately adopted by the American military during the cold war to describe the retaliatory chain of events that take place in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States. So if the Soviet Union launched its missiles, the “snap count” referred to the scripted, automated steps taken by the military machine to ensure a healthy mutual destruction of our attackers.

I figure the cold war is over so the military won’t mind if I license the term (and other military references) to describe the final chain of events before my own “life changing event” occurs.

In any case...we're a quarter-mile out...landing gear and flaps are down...and I am officially "calling the ball."

If the admiral arrives before I can drop another note - I'll see you on the other side soldiers : - )

- Major Chris


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