Yeah for Dick!

My father-in-law, Dick Siegel, recently celebrated his retirement as the DA of the village of Sea Cliff, NY - having served his post for almost half a century. For those who don't know Dick (and you know who you are...), he is a true gentleman and a giant in the pantheon of fatherhood. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the challenges of raising my two daughters I think about the six kids he's ushered out into the world...and then I tell myself to stop crying, put on some mascara and get back up on my feet to face the world.

Dick was honored with a party out in Sea Cliff and the full Sanborn crew was there to "support the team." Ginger marked the occassion by taking an enourmous poop in the middle of the speeches. In case you do not recognize it - below is Ginger's "Yeah-I-have-an-enourmous-poop-in-my-pants-what-of-it-?" face. The smell was incredible. I think I saw a couple of the infirm members of gathering receive oxygen as a result of Ginger's "special gift." But hey, it's not a party until someone poops their pants right? Right? Who's with me? Right?...

Congratualtions again to Dick - we salute you sir!


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