10 Months Old: Early Steps. Annoying Mom.

Chris is on a blogging vacay, so I thought I would try stumbling through. Here goes...

Ginger took her first steps at 9 1/2 months. Early, but we're not discouraging it. I figure better to have her learning and mastering the art of walking when I'm in my second trimester rather than when I'm 9 months prego and not nearly as limber. Oh, yes...I'm pregnant. Due 2/14/09. We like to keep it exciting around here.

From the following videos (taken on Ginger's 10 month birthday), I have learned quite a bit:

1) My feet need work

2) Ginger has selective hearing. In other words, my bribes and demands are fruitless. The child does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. No performing on cue for her.

3) My laugh is beyond irritating. It's a new laugh that I've just recently acquired...I call it the "seriously-corny-new-mom-laugh".

4) I should never speak while taking a movie - a lesson I'm sure millions of parents have learned time and time again. My commentary is neither endearing nor witty.

5) In fact, I should just never take a movie. My cinematography skills are seriously lacking. Not only are heads cut off, but apparently I failed to realize that 2 minutes is the equivalent of an eternity in the movie biz.

On that note...enjoy.


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